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  • Visit us for a landmark show at LDI 2019!

    Visit us for a landmark show at LDI 2019!

    This year’s LDI show is a very special occasion for us in more ways than one. Make sure to visit our booth, where our sales team is looking forward to speaking with you about our telescopic, line array and multi-purpose lifts – from the ML2 to the ML4.  You can find us in Booth #1115.  We’re looking forward to your visit during this landmark show!

    14 Nov 2019

  • ML2 safely lifts your truss spans up to 6.5 metres!

    ML2 safely lifts your truss spans up to 6.5 metres!

    The Mobiltechlifts ML2 range offers you a wide palette of useful features. Among them include safely lifting your truss spans up to 6.5 metres, and supporting loads up to 200kg, with special add-on adapters!  The ML2-TA 400 H and ML2 - A55/35 adapters quickly and easily attach to the top of your ML2 lifts, and are compatible with MILOS M222 to M400 truss. Attachment is completely tool-free, due to manual screw knobs and R clips on the ML2-TA 400H. And the days of lost R-Clips are gone forever, as they’re secured to the pins with steel wires.  Enjoy versatile support for your lighting fixtures and other equipment at height with a compact, mobile system!Read more here about the ML2-TA 400 H and ML2 - A55/35 adapters, as well as other accessories available for the Mobiltechlifts ML2 range.

    15 Nov 2019

  • A strong showing in Dubai

    A strong showing in Dubai

    Thanks go out to everyone who visited our stand at the Prolight + Sound Middle East Show in Dubai last week. Entertainment in this region is growing rapidly and great interest was shown in our products, especially our ML2 lift that was on display.  We had extremely interesting discussions with the many visitors that stopped by our stand and look forward to strengthening our relationships with them in the coming day, months and years.  We’re now in the process of holding more discussions, sending out quotes and providing assistance with the many upcoming projects in this magical area.      

    24 Oct 2019

  • Certified Safety

    Certified Safety

    Safety is always our first concern when designing and manufacturing our ML2, ML3 and ML4 lifts. All are built in compliance with existing norms, as well as tested and certified by internationally recognized agencies, such as TÜV Nord-Baumuster geprüft and Theateringenieur – BGV C1.  For most countries where our products are exported, the existing certifications are normally more than sufficient. If additional certifications are necessary in specific countries, we take great care in securing them before offering them on the market.  You can rest assured that when you buy any lift from our range, in whatever country you may live, it meets the necessary norms and holds the required certifications for delivering extreme safety.  ML2, ML3 and ML4 - Certifications and norm compliance:   TUV NORD CERTIFIED = Assures the lift meets the requirements for structures, i.e. when the load is lifted and secured at trim height, the lifting equipment then becomes a structure and different regulations apply to the lifting operation.  5° test = A load testing requirement taken from DIN 56950 (safety requirements and inspections for stands and truss lifts of stands)  DGUV-17 = German accident prevention regulation applies to employers and insured persons in Germany, as well as employers and employees from foreign enterprises who perform work in Germany.  CE = Self-certified conformity declaration

    23 Oct 2019

  • A4i.tv Video Release - Getting Social with Rigging

    A4i.tv Video Release - Getting Social with Rigging

    A4i.tv has just released a new video about the current state of rigging posts on social media. Rigging Advisor Eric Porter tackles this subject in a very straightforward manner, speaking about how social media is being used for rigging commentary and the way people are behaving online.   Eric also addresses the importance of training and rigging knowledge not only in emerging markets, where rigging is still in its youth, but also in countries with long established rigging practices and regulations.  Watch the video here.

    16 Oct 2019

  • Time to change channel to Area Four Industries

    Time to change channel to Area Four Industries

    In a world of uncertain times, and the worrying thought that those you’ve relied on in the past may not be here tomorrow, Area Four Industries' A4i.tv remains on the air with more than 100 educational, technical and product-oriented videos online, and many more coming soon. A4i.tv provides you with trussing and rigging fuel that keeps you smart and ahead of the curve.   The undeniable strength of the Area Four Industries Group, and its portfolio of eight leading brands, ensures that A4i.tv always remains broadcasting. As with A4i.tv, you can always count on them being here tomorrow and delivering the products/services you require when you need them most.   Why gamble on an uncertain future? Always there when you need them.

    14 Oct 2019

  • Visit Us at Prolight + Sound Middle East

    Visit Us at Prolight + Sound Middle East

    We’re getting ready for an exciting show at Prolight + Sound Middle East in Dubai from 15 – 17 October, where you can find us in Hall 4, Stand F22.  We’ll bring two lifts from our range to the show – the ML2 6520 and ML4 6527 – which are taking lifting to new heights! The ML2 is a light-duty TUV and BGV C1 certified telescopic lift that delivers top levels of safety. The ML4 is our heavy-duty lift that packs 270kg of loading into 6.5m!  Visit us in Dubai and discover all we have to offer.  We look forward to seeing you there!

    7 Oct 2019

  • DST moves Subsonica

    DST moves Subsonica

    Be the first to watch the new video release on A4i.tv that documents the thrilling use of EXE Technology’s DST System (Dynamic Stack Tracks) during a concert by Italian rock group Subsonica. The video shows the DST 52 System in action, as it moves and positions multiple LED screens over the stage to add visually dynamic elements to the performance.  The Subsonica project utilized EXE Technology’s DST52 Straight Truss System with conversion kit for Kinesys Elevation 1+, and was controlled by KINESYS VECTOR software.  Turbocharge the “cool factor” of your next event with the dynamic movement and positioning of LED screens during live performances. All made possible by the DST System.  DST MOVES YOU!  Click here to see the video.

    25 Sep 2019

  • Raising the Bar at PLASA Show 2019

    Raising the Bar at PLASA Show 2019

    Thanks goes out to everyone who visited our stand at this year’s PLASA Show in London. We were happy to see our customers, as well as the many new faces that stopped by. A lot of interest was shown in our lifts, with many interesting conversations held during the show.   It’s now back to the office to get out quotes and answer the many requests received during the magical three days at the show!  

    20 Sep 2019

  • ML3 Lifts and Supports Your Line Arrays

    ML3 Lifts and Supports Your Line Arrays

    Our ML3 provides superior lifting strength in a small footprint when elevating your line arrays for wide dispersion and coverage during live events. Its unique, easy loading system ensures safe and convenient attachment of hardware and truss at any position, even at almost ground level, thereby allowing crews to work faster and more safely.  It can handle loads of up to 260kg (573 lbs) and reaches a maximum height of 5.6 metres (18.5 feet). With heavy-duty construction and a compact footprint of 2 x 1.8 metres (6.5 x 6 feet), it’s a solid choice for a wide range of lifting and support needs.Features:• Pin locking system and spring key serve as a secondary safety feature when lifting • Increased spacing between manual hand winch and cable feed from roller ensures proper winding on winch drum • Firmly secures 4 legs and 2 stabilizer tubes • Telescopic outriggers increase practicality and improve stability • Rubber feet on the outriggers protect all surfaces from damage and provide increased friction • Integrated wheels with brakes for added safety • Bubble level for convenient levelling • Plastic cushions on the lift’s body prevent damage to the mast • Height indicator • Top mast attachment points • Optional winch cover • Manual screw for reducing mast movement and adding additional safety • DGUV-17 • TUV Nord Certified  Read more about the ML3 here.

    12 Sep 2019

  • Norbert Tripp Presents at PLASA

    Norbert Tripp Presents at PLASA

    “Temporary Outdoor LED Screen Structures”   Don’t miss the “Temporary Outdoor LED Screen Structures” presentation by Areas Four Industries Technical Director, Dipl-Ing. Norbert Tripp, on 16 September from 13:30 – 14:15 in the Lighting and Production Theatre (London Olympia Hall).  Temporary outdoor LED screen support structures are an important part of today’s leading live events, and this will become more and more prevalent going forward. With this in mind, Norbert dives into their proper use, design, advance planning in their set-up and important safety measures to consider.  During the presentation, Norbert will provide answers to such questions as how LED screens react under wind loads, as well as what the load-bearing structure should look like and how to take the proper precautions in case of high wind speeds.  Area Four Industries help to keep you informed and safe!

    5 Sep 2019

  • Let’s Meet at PLASA

    Let’s Meet at PLASA

    It’s PLASA time again and we’re looking forward to another great show from 15 – 17 September at the Olympia London. Join us in the Area Four Industries Stand G50, where our sales team will be ready and waiting to discuss your needs and provide more information on the many solutions our products can deliver.  Just look up for the Mobiltechlifts and Area Four Industries logos.  See you soon!

    27 Aug 2019

  • 20,000+ industry professionals show their appreciation for A4i.tv

    20,000+ industry professionals show their appreciation for A4i.tv

    After launching the world’s first online trussing and rigging video portal in 2018, A4i.tv now has more than 20,000 industry professionals from across the globe tuning in to discover its ever-increasing informative and entertaining videos.  With 100+ videos already online, and many more to follow, A4i.tv provides a wide range of entertaining and educational content that covers rigging basics, design, products from Area Four Industries’ brands, onsite reports and even project videos from their subscriber base.  Tune in to A4i.tv today and join the online trussing and rigging revolution!

    23 Aug 2019

  • ML4 lifts your heaviest loads

    ML4 lifts your heaviest loads

    The ML4 is your "extra duty” lifting partner that packs 270 kg (595.95 lbs) of loading capacity into 6.5 m (21.33’). Its durable construction and reliable operation deliver the safety you require when lifting your heaviest loads.  Key Benefits: - Rubber pads on outriggers provide increased traction and surface protection - Height adjustable feet feature high profile, trapezoidal threading (0.45 m / 1.48’) - 0.5 m & 1 m (1.64’ & 3.28’) fork lengths with allowable load vs. load position indicators - Unique pin locking system and steel pulleys protect your hardware against damage and ensure safe operation at all times - 5 degree incline tested in accordance with DIN 58950 - Base is pre-equipped with attachment points for horizontal installation of wheels for easy transport - Level indicator - Height indicator - Optional winch cover - DGUV-17 - TUV Nord certifiedML4 6527 Load:  270 kg (595.95 lbs) Weight:  128 kg (282.2 lbs) Max. Height:  6.5 m (21.33’) Min. Height:  1.98 m (6.5’) Footprint:  1.97 x 1.82 m (6.46’ x 5.97’)

    26 Aug 2019

  • ML2 delivers compact lifting strength

    ML2 delivers compact lifting strength

    Discover heavy lifting capacity in a small footprint with our ML2 lift range. Coming in two models, 5520 and 6520, the ML2 impresses with a loading capacity of up to 200kg (441 lbs.) and reaches a maximum height of 6.5 metres (21.5 feet). Its heavy-duty construction and compact footprint of 2.4 x 2.4 metres (8 x 8 feet) make it the best choice for smaller events and loading requirements that are not overly demanding.Features:• Telescopic outriggers increase practicality and improve stability • Rubber feet on the outriggers protect all surfaces from damage and provide increased friction • Integrated wheels with brakes for added safety • Bubble level for convenient levelling • Plastic cushions on the lift’s body prevent damage to the mast • Manual winch • Height indicator • Top mast attachment points • Secondary locking mechanism • Optional winch cover • Manual screw for reducing mast movement and adding additional safety • DGUV-17 • TUV Nord Certified Model 5520Load: 200 kg (441 lbs) Weight: 115 kg (253.5 lbs) Max. Height: 5.5 m (18 feet) Min. Height: 1.77 m (5.8 feet) Footprint: 2.4 x 2.4 m (8 x 8 feet)  Model 6520Load:  200 kg (441 lbs) Weight:  126 kg (278 lbs) Max. Height:  6.5 m (21.5 feet) Min. Height:  1.82 m (6 feet) Footprint:  2.4 x 2.4 m (8 x 8 feet)

    10 Jul 2019

  • A4i.tv Video Release - Getting to know the EXE Rise hoist range

    A4i.tv Video Release - Getting to know the EXE Rise hoist range

    In the newest video release on A4i.tv, Adam Beaumont (EXE Technology Brand Manager) introduces you to the popular EXE Rise electric hoist range.  In the video, Adam gives a brief history of the EXE Technology brand, including how the EXE Rise range was developed, its components and how it is tested. He speaks about the medium frame and large frame hoists, and the loading capacities, features and accessories of each.  Watch the video here.

    26 Jun 2019

  • Milos Summer Holidays

    Milos Summer Holidays

    We would like to inform you that MILOS headquarters and factory will be closed from 15 – 28 July for our annual summer holidays.  Please keep this in mind when making your orders and estimating delivery times. We would like to wish you a happy and safe summer holiday season.

    24 Jun 2019

  • Understanding the Conical Connector Video Release

    Understanding the Conical Connector Video Release

    Area Four Industries has just released the second video in their truss connection systems series on A4i.tv, where Dipl-Ing. Norbert Tripp introduces you to the most popular of all truss connection systems – the “Conical Connector”. During this educational video, you’ll learn how conical connectors work, their design characteristics, how they perform, their advantages, and the stresses that occur when using them.Click here to increase your knowledge about the conical connection system with the newest video on A4i.tv…and stay tuned, there’s more to come!


  • Enter our world with A4 Magazine

    Enter our world with A4 Magazine

    Your entrance to the world of MILOS and Area Four Industries is within the pages of the annual A4 Magazine, which gives you full access to the latest information about our new products, the Area Four Industries group, interviews with key management, insights from our Brand Manager, technical articles and other interesting information. It’s like taking a whirlwind tour through our brand office, Area Four Industries headquarters, Area Four Industries Direct Distribution offices and our many activities. A4 Magazine is your key to everything MILOS and Area Four Industries, and is just one click away… Download A4 magazine here

    31 May 2019

  • Understanding the Beaufort scale

    Understanding the Beaufort scale

    A brand new video has just been released on A4i.tv about the Beaufort scale - a well-known wind measurement system but not well understood. In this educational and entertaining video, Dipl-Ing. Norbert Tripp discusses the history of the Beaufort scale and how it works. He dives into the differences between wind speed, wind force and wind pressure, and how this scale is used to measure them. By the end of the video, you’ll have a far better understanding of the Beaufort scale and why it’s important for ensuring the safety of your truss structures. Watch the video now.

    22 May 2019

  • A4i.tv video release on spigot connectors

    A4i.tv video release on spigot connectors

    A4i.tv has just released the first video of a four part series on truss connection systems. In this first video, Area Four Industries Technical Director Norbert Tripp addresses the conventional spigot connection system. He provides the main points on how it works, its advantages and the stresses involved. Three more videos on truss connection systems are soon to follow and you’ll be the first to know when they’re released! Watch the video now.

    15 May 2019

  • Visit us at PLASA Leeds

    Visit us at PLASA Leeds

    We’re getting ready for the PLASA Leeds show once again this year, where members of the Area Four Industries Direct UK team will be on hand and ready to provide you with more information about our products and how their design and distribution office can provide the solutions you require. Just look for us from 14 – 15 May in the Area Four Industries Stand R-D18 & R-D19. See you soon!

    10 May 2019

  • Come see us at LDI!

    Come see us at LDI!

    Visit Area Four Industries Booth #2127 at this year’s LDI show, where we’ll have range of products on display from our MILOS, LITEC, EXE Technology and Mobiltechlifts brands!   Discover the newly launched MyT Virtue truss from LITEC with its unique folding feature, compact form factor, and structural parts assembled with high grade steel nuts and bolts to optimize performance and eliminate issues related to weld heat affected zones. Not to mention the 79 – 98 foot spans it can achieve!   MILOS will have selected products from its box truss line on display that satisfy a wide range of needs for small to large projects.    EXE Technology will storm into the show with its new, innovative DST66 (Dynamic Stack Tracks) multipurpose rail system designed for towing loads during live events and moving at extremely quick speeds!  Electric hoists from its EX-Rise range will also be on display and will include “hands on” demonstrations.   Mobiltechlifts will be on hand as well, displaying its ML4 multi purpose lift that packs 596 lbs of load capacity into 21.5 ft!   We look forward to seeing you there!  

    19 Oct 2018

  • A4I.tv – You know what. We SHOW you how!

    A4I.tv – You know what. We SHOW you how!

    Today Area Four Industries launches the world’s first trussing and rigging internet TV channel at www.A4I.tv! Focused on education, design, rigging, products and on-site videos, A4I.TV will be your one stop website for viewing videos produced by Area Four Industries and its four truss brands – MILOS, LITEC, James Thomas Engineering, and TOMCAT.   For your viewing convenience, navigation on the channel’s website is very user-friendly. All of its videos (a current total of 73 videos!) are divided into five categories – Educational, Design Basics, Product Basics, Rigging Basics and On-Site Videos.  Just choose which category interests you, and you’ll be presented with a choice of all videos within that category.  Alternatively, you can choose one of the group’s brands and be presented with all videos related to that brand.   You can look forward to many different videos and video series that Area Four Industries will be releasing on an on-going basis.    All videos on A4I.TV are created with the goal of showing you something new, passing on valuable knowledge, sharing tips and tricks within the rigging and support structure industry, presenting new and exciting products, and giving you an insider’s view of exciting projects carried out by brands within the Area Four Industries group.   Today is the start of the truss, rigging and support structure video revolution!  www.A4I.tv

    22 Aug 2018

  • Mobiltechlifts rides high at Prolight + Sound

    Mobiltechlifts rides high at Prolight + Sound

    Mobiltechlifts had another successful presentation at Prolight + Sound this year with a presentation of its telescopic and multi-purpose lifts. But the undisputed star of the show this year was its new MS2-4012 compact lift, which achieves higher safety factors inspired by the recently established German standard for windup lifts (DIN 56950-3).Through the use of a very special fire retardant belt, extremely precise guidance profiles are achieved and bespoke aluminium extrusions are implemented. It does not need safety pins, is very light, features low visibility due to its matt black finish, is very user -friendly and is extremely easy to operate under load.  


  • Mobiltech MS2-4008

    Mobiltech MS2-4008

    Introducing the MS2-4008! Higher safety factors have now been achieved thanks to additional load cases that need to be considered. This is a real improvement for a category of products where many accidents occur. The use of a very special fire retardant belt, extremely precise guidance profiles and bespoke aluminium extrusions have led to a unique product. It doesn’t need safety pins, is very light, features low visibility due to its matt black finish, is very user-friendly and is extremely easy to operate under load.

    19 Jan 2017

  • The LDI Show in Las Vegas

    The LDI Show in Las Vegas

    The LDI Show in Las Vegas is about to start! Make sure to visit us at Booth #1115 to check out all that we have to show you during the next three days.  See you very soon!

    22 Nov 2019

  • A4i.tv Video Release – Eric Porter Tackles Shackles

    A4i.tv Video Release – Eric Porter Tackles Shackles

    In the newest back-to-basics video release on A4i.tv, Eric Porter tackles the main information you need to know about shackles in less than two minutes. He covers the two main types of shackles used for rigging, their proper use, the important markings found on them and where they should be used.  Click here to see the video and top up your knowledge on shackles!

    27 Nov 2019

  • Looking back on three exciting days at LDI

    Looking back on three exciting days at LDI

    We would like to thank everyone who visited us at LDI. It was an amazing show!  As always, we enjoyed meeting with our many long time customers and the hundreds of visitors who stopped by to discuss their needs. We appreciated learning more about so many interesting projects and events that are just around the corner, and in turn, explaining how our products can help ensure their success. In the end, three days very well spent!  Now back in the office, everyone is  busy sending out quotes and providing more information requested during the show.  2020 is just over the horizon and we’re looking forward to an exciting and busy year working with you!  

    2 Dec 2019

  • Mobiltechlifts Holiday Schedule

    Mobiltechlifts Holiday Schedule

    The holidays are approaching very quickly and will affect our sales and service availability. Therefore, we wish to inform you now about our holiday schedule.  The last day for sending out shipments this year is Monday, December 16th.  Our offices will be closed for the holidays from December 23rd until January 5th. We’ll be back in the office and ready to serve you on Monday, January 6th.  Please keep these dates in mind for your upcoming product and service needs.  Thank you.

    5 Dec 2019

  • A4i.tv Video Release - Spotlight on Roundslings

    A4i.tv Video Release - Spotlight on Roundslings

    Join professional Rigging Advisor, Eric Porter, in a back to basics video that focuses on the well-known and well-loved Roundsling.  In his latest video outing, Eric visits the polyester roundsling and how this versatile, gentle and lower pressure contact sling should be used…and not be used! He also covers labels found on roundslings, as well as how pyrotechnics and narrow beam stage lamps have an adverse affect on them.  Click here to watch the video and get up to speed on roundslings.

    11 Dec 2019

  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    As 2019 comes to an end, we wish to express our sincere appreciation for your continued support. We greatly appreciate your business and look forward to strengthening our valued relationship in the coming new year and beyond.  May your Christmas holidays be filled with joy and the new year bring continued health and success.

    18 Dec 2019

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